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In a world where the unthinkable happens somewhere nearly every day, you need tools to help protect your school/district and students from a tragedy that no superintendent or principal wants to deal with - ever. Our School Hotline service gives you a chance to learn about possible threats before they happen, so you can take steps to prevent them from happening. It's simple. It's inexpensive. It works.

What is TRZ's School Hotline Service? (Click for Details)

TRZ's School Hotline Service is an 800 telephone application that allows students, parents and members of your community to anonymously report threats of violence, bullying, theft, gang activity, drug use, vandalism or any other problem at a school in your district. With this telephone application, your school district gets its own exclusive 800 number to publicize throughout the community. When someone calls the number to report a threat or problem, the message is immediately transmitted via telephone, cell phone and email to the principal, the superintendent, the school security officer or whomever you put on the contact list. Districts have the ability to manage the contact list 24/7 through a simple web site, where they can also see and download call reports. The actual voice file of the caller is transmitted with each email so that you can archive it on your own computer or even forward the message to someone else via email.

What does the service cost? (Click for Details)

The ANNUAL cost is only $500/District or $250/School for unlimited use all year. This price includes the cost of your exclusive 800 number and all calls to it; the cost of all calls to the contacts at your school/district; use of the email system to email the actual voice messages to your assigned contacts; and the use of the administrative website where you can add/delete/change contact names, numbers and email addresses 24/7.

Can I try a demo of the service? (Click for Details)

YES! You can try the application at any time, and with no obligation, by calling 800-462-0527. If you call from your cell phone, our system will call you back with the message you leave, as it does when someone leaves a tip.

Why do you need School Hotline? (Click for Details)

Having School Hotline in place lets parents know that you are doing everything possible to protect their children. Not having a system like School Hotline in place opens your district up to legal liability if something does happen. We know other companies offer similar applications that cost thousands of dollars per year. Our idea is to keep the application focused, inexpensive and simple to use and administer. We can have this system up and working for your school district in as little as 24 hours. Call today to sign up!

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